Review of operations

Constant in Change

«...a partner who acts for you today while thinking of tomorrow finds solutions that go with the times and have a lasting impact...»

Change happens in the constant interplay between continuity and discontinuity. Knowing our goals we have embarked upon a sound and proven path. We remain personal and reliable partners. We only make promises we can keep. And we know that not just technology and information alone are the key to the future and to progress, but people too. Clients have changing requirements. New national and international regulations are constantly being passed into law. All that contributes to making change a central element of our company. We see change as both an opportunity and a challenge with which to quickly and sustainably approach the process of transformation. Sometimes, major changes are necessary, and then again, changes also happen incrementally and over a longer period of time. For over 150 years we have been constant within a framework of constant change. We act in the long term and remain conservative because values such as a sense of responsibility and security matter to us.

Letter to Shareholders

For the LLB Group, 2012 was a year of transition. The economic environment and regulatory framework in which the LLB Group operates are subject to rapid and dynamic changes.


«Strategy, client focus and improved efficiency will pay off.»

A discussion with Hans-Werner Gassner and Roland Matt.


Strategy and Organization

The LLB Group is a reliable partner for its clients. As a universal bank in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland with a strong emphasis on our private banking and the institutional clients business, we focus on our clients’ needs and market requirements.