Business structure

The business structure of the LLB Group is based on three divisions: Retail & Corporate Banking, Private Banking and Institutional Clients.

The Retail & Corporate Banking Division comprises the universal banking business in the home markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It offers the full range of banking and financial services for private and corporate clients. The savings and mortgage lending business is traditionally of great importance. Other important business segments are private investment planning, corporate pension provisioning, investment counselling and asset management. At the end of 2012, the LLB Group had five business locations in Liechtenstein and 23 branches in the Swiss cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen, Schwyz and Glarus. Additionally, the Group operates approximately 50 ATM locations.

The Private Banking Division encompasses all the private banking activities of the LLB Group, including investment counselling, asset management, asset structuring and financial planning. Our focus is on the markets in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Near and Middle East. We have a business presence in Vaduz, Zurich, Lugano, Geneva, Vienna, Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well as at LLB Bank Linth branches in eastern Switzerland and LLB branches in Liechtenstein.

The Institutional Clients Division encompasses the intermediary and investment fund business as well as the LLB Group’s asset management and wealth structuring business operations. Its clients are professional investors, financial intermediaries, fiduciaries, asset managers, fund promoters, investment companies, insurance companies and pension funds. The target markets are Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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