«Focus2015» strategy

The main business segments of the LLB Group face far-reaching changes: historically low interest rates and the debt crisis in the eurozone countries have upset investors. Changing client needs and requirements in cross-border private banking are compounded with an increasingly tighter regulatory environment. Simultaneously, the future belongs to the management of taxed assets. This opens up opportunities for the LLB Group, which is tackling the transformation process quickly and consistently. Against this backdrop, we conducted a thorough review of our long-standing three-pillar strategy and adapted it to present circumstances in a future-oriented way.

Our «Focus 2015» strategy lays the foundations for the long-term and successful development of our company. In the next three years, the main thrust of our business activities will be to consistently focus on the following:

  • We purposely deploy financial and personnel resources in select customer segments and markets with very promising market potential where the LLB Group has already established a solid market position. As a result, we are able to reduce the complexity through reductions in the number of business operations, teams, branch locations and booking centres.
  • We employ measures to make the present volume of business profitable. This includes initiatives to lower costs in the front and back office, increase productivity through corresponding customer segmentation as well as to selectively adapt pricing and terms of business to market conditions.

Our objectives and focus markets as well as the key elements of our strategy «Focus 2015» are summarized in the following table:


Retail & Corporate Banking

Private Banking

Institutional Clients


  • Market leader in Liechtenstein and leading provider in eastern Switzerland
  • Leading provider in Liechtenstein and strong position in Switzerland and in Austria
  • Focused growth and recognized market position in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as well as in the Near and Middle East (NME)
  • Preferential partner for external asset managers, financial intermediaries, fund promoters and pension funds in Liechtenstein, Switzerland as well as in select European countries

Focus markets

  • Private client business and corporate client business both in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland
  • Onshore: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria
  • Cross-border: Germany, Austria, Italy
  • Growth markets: CEE as well as NME
  • Fund services
  • Asset management
  • External asset managers
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Public institutions

Key elements of the «Focus 2015» strategy

  • Adaptation of customer segmentation
  • Development of a new pricing model
  • Adaptation and harmonization of the conditions
  • Optimization of the branch network
  • Launch of a mobile banking app
  • Optimization of specific services for target groups
  • Adaptation of customer segmentation
  • Development of a new pricing model
  • Optimization of the product range for the different markets
  • Intensification of the market penetration strategy in the growth markets CEE as well as NME
  • Focus on the support of external asset managers and financial intermediaries
  • Expansion of fund services
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