Corporate Center

The Corporate Center of the LLB Group steers, coordinates and monitors groupwide business activities, processes and risks. It is responsible for ensuring Group development including information technology. In the new shared service center it bundles competences to reduce costs and enhance the quality of the LLB Group’s services.

«The Corporate Center is responsible for ensuring the development of the LLB Group including information technology. As the backbone of the LLB Group, we make a significant contribution to increasing the LLB’s competitiveness.»

Kurt Mäder, Group Chief Operating Officer


The Corporate Center encompasses the Group COO, Group CFO and Group CEO Divisions. It supports our market-oriented Retail & Corporate Banking, Private Banking and Institutional Clients Divisions in conducting their activities and implementing their strategies. The focus lies on functions in the areas of communication, marketing and human resources, finances, risk and credit management, IT, trading, securities administration and payment services, corporate development and purchasing management, as well as legal and compliance services. The results of the LLB’s own financial investments, the structural contribution and the income from interest rate hedge accounting are booked to the Corporate Center.

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