So far, the 21st century is being characterized by digitalisation. In future, on the one hand, banks will rely increasingly on data-based client analysis with the goal of gathering and analyzing data in order to better understand clients as well as serve and advise them more relevantly. On the other, online potentials can be discerned for the financial services industry. A growing number of internet users is interested in capital investments, stocks, securities, funds and loans. These users obtain information about these products online or already utilise financial products on the internet. Services offered online are already a natural and integral part of the overall banking offer. At the same time, more and more banks are discovering the internet as the communication and distribution channel of the future. Even advice will be offered online in the future. User-friendliness will be the crucial factor here. Clients will expect to find the required services simply and rapidly, and they expect them to be easy to use. At the same time, the service offer must be designed in a complete and seamless manner. In tandem with this situation, another development is occurring: thanks to smart phones and tablets the internet is mobile. Competition online will intensify. The LLB Group intends to take advantage of the opportunities associated with these developments at an early stage.

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