Institutional Clients

Providing comprehensive service and care for institutional clients in Liechtenstein and Switzerland is a tradition of the LLB Group. Moreover, our strategy funds have been among the best in Europe for many years. At the same time, Liechtenstein offers so-called «first mover» advantages as a location for alternative investment funds, which in turn makes us an interesting option for investors.

«In 2012, the Institutional Clients acquired specialist knowledge at an early stage, enabling us to promote ourselves as a provider of alternative funds. Greater importance is being placed on the transfer of knowledge with our external partners.»

Urs Müller, Head Institutional Clients


The Institutional Clients encompasses the intermediary and fund business, as well as the asset management and wealth structuring operations of the LLB Group. We concentrate on professional investors, financial intermediaries, fiduciaries, asset managers, fund promoters, investment companies, insurance companies and pension funds. We can call on the expert knowledge available within the LLB Group when delivering our comprehensive services in accordance with the concept of a one-stop boutique. Our focus lies on the markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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