Stakeholders report

Constant in Change

«If you trust someone, you have a right to expect clarity, commitment and reliability.»

Economic life is complex. We reduce complexity and simplify things to help our clients. In this way, we create a space for their trust – a space that is open, transparent and verifiable. A certain amount of complexity is needed to assert oneself against the competition and to serve customer needs that are increasingly changing. We manage this systematically. At the same time, we work towards providing our clients with comprehensible orientation.

LLB Bearer Share

The bearer share of the Liechtensteinische Landesbank is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. A number of banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein were scarcely able to profit from the overall very positive performance of the stock market in 2012.


Brand and Sponsoring

The world is changing. Our values stand for change and stability. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank brand means reliability for our clients, motivation for our employees and a long-term strategy for our stakeholders.



The LLB Group requires a committed and intelligent workforce if it is to sustainably assert itself against the competition.


Regulatory Environment

The finance sector is facing new challenges. Doing everything by the book is an integral part of the LLB Group’s value-oriented corporate management.



The LLB Group aims to act responsibly and create value for our company, society and the environment. We are partner of the Swiss Climate Foundation.


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is an essential part of the LLB Group’s corporate policy. It ensures responsibilities, control and transparency.