The LLB Group requires a committed and intelligent workforce if it is to sustainably assert itself against the competition. In keeping with our guiding principle of «Fordern und Fördern» («Challenging and Promoting»), we focus on change, development and performance. This is equally true for new and old talents as it is for top management. With our new leadership principles we place increased emphasis on fostering potential.

Focus on management skills

The banking industry is in the midst of a multilayered process of change. Internationalization, pressure on costs and productivity, customer demands, competition and volatile financial markets require changes that affect structures and processes. In such a situation, the ability of executives to disseminate information and inform opinion plays a key and decisive role. One of their most important core competencies is to deal with change naturally and to mobilize employees to implement new strategies. The LLB Group’s constructive management culture is founded on a stable basis of trust, clearly defined performance expectations, respectful communication and genuine teamwork as well as on objectives that are sensibly applied and fair performance reviews.

For this, we require copartners who take a more active hand in staff development and interest in employee values. That is why we organized courses for 200 of our managers in 2012. At these training sessions, they learned how to apply performance management processes (PMP) in order to link staff training with corporate goals as well as people development processes (PDP) for staff development. This ensures that our Group never loses sight of strategic corporate goals. We actively manage the implementation and performance process and draw the necessary conclusions for our HR policies and work organization. LLB stands for trust, integrity, performance, reliability and close customer care.

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