Organizational structure of the LLB Group

on 1 January 2013

Board of Directors*

Dr. Hans-Werner Gassner

Group Internal Audit

Patrick Helg

* Board of Directors

  • Hans-Werner Gassner, Chairman
  • Markus Foser, Vice Chairman
  • Markus Büchel
  • Ingrid Hassler-Gerner
  • Roland Oehri

Group Corporate Communications & General Secretary

Cyrill Sele

Group Marketing & Distribution

a.i. Fredy Geisser

Group Human Resources

Bernd Moosmann

Group Board of Management**
Group CEO

Roland Matt

** Group Board of Management

  • Roland Matt, Group CEO
  • Urs Müller, Vice Group CEO
  • Gabriel Brenna
  • Heinz Knecht
  • Dr. Kurt Mäder
  • Christoph Reich

Retail & Corporate Banking

Heinz Knecht
  • Retail & Corporate Banking Schweiz
    David B. Sarasin
  • Retail & Corporate Banking Liechtenstein
    Eduard Zorc
  • Product Management Retail & Corporate Banking
    a.i. Heinz Knecht

Private Banking

Gabriel Brenna
  • Private Banking Liechtenstein
    Martin Heutschi
  • Private Banking Schweiz
    Luc Schuurmans
  • Private Banking Deutschland/ Österreich
    Boris Wistawel
  • Private Banking Österreich
    Robert Löw
  • Private Banking Near Middle East
    Jörg Klar
    P. Daniel Bischof
  • Private Banking Central Eastern Europe
    Jörg Klar
  • Private Banking International
    P. Daniel Bischof
  • Private Banking Italy
    Flavio Facchin
  • Private Banking Special Clients
    Norman Oehri
  • Product Management Private Banking
    Ralph Bieri

Institutional Clients

Urs Müller
  • External Asset Managers
    Lucas Bruggeman
  • Financial Intermediaries
    Norman Marxer
  • Fund Services
    Natalie Epp
  • Wealth Structuring
    Michael Steiger
  • Asset & Product Management Institutional Clients
    Markus Wiedemann
  • swisspartners Investment Network AG
    Markus Wintsch

Group CFO

Christoph Reich
  • Group Finance
    Benno Schwitter
  • Group Risk Management
    a.i. Christoph Reich
  • Group Credit Management
    Heiko List
  • Head Finance & Risk LLB CH
    Marc Parmentier
  • Head Finance & Risk LLB AT
    Peter Mayer
  • Head Finance & Risk Bank Linth LLB
    Kurt Rosenberger

Group COO

Kurt Mäder
  • Group Corporate Development
  • Group IT
    Stephan Schmidle
  • Group Operations & Services
    Stephan Schneider
  • Group Legal & Compliance
    Graziella Marok-Wachter
    Marc Parmentier
    Peter Mayer
  • COO Bank Linth LLB
    Roland Greber
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